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Years ago we had to pick a corporate name that hopefully described our company, and what we chose was Cape Painting & Carpentry, Inc. After decades of doing business, we have evolved and refined our organization by becoming more focused on remodeling, renovation, and historic preservation. The complete home building we do ranges from affordable to custom projects.

Since the early 1980s, we have focused on sustainable and, more recently, green building. Fortunately, the Commonwealth of MA has both building codes and energy codes that are better ones modeled after the newer ICC codes. We also constantly research products, methods, techniques, and details.

Here's one example of how our research & experience helped a client:
A number of years ago we built a rear addition for a client who expressed reservations about exterior painted trim. We have for some time been suggesting the substitution of cedar trim instead of common pine on the exterior because common pine has decreased in quality, and there are dryness factors to consider as the materials are received by our lumber suppliers. Composite and plastic wood offerings have had major problems as well, such as shrinking or curling, especially in direct sunlight.

We discussed the trim on the rear addition with the client, and proposed an experiment of trimming the addition with only cedar, without paints, stains, or even special oils. We agreed to replace the trim if it didn't work well for the client. Years went by, and we were hired to do the client's front roof in red cedar as part of a larger job. The client also wanted to redo all the front trim, including gables, facia, soffitts, in cedar - effectively replacing all the previously existing white trim.

Review the photos to see the contrast of old & new trim!

With forethought, we are creating a maintenance-free home exterior in stages. We shared our knowledge & forward-thinking research with our client, who is a sustainable advocate. This is the creative part of our work, and in this case, the client saves money, both immediately and in the long-term.

Feel free to ask us questions about any of our projects shown here on our website, or other related questions at any time, free of charge.

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We educate, advocate and include sustainable energy features where possible with all of our renovation,
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