Attached Garage in Process of Framing

Did you know . . .

The Comm of Mass Building Code is one of the most comprehensive Building Codes in the Country. This Code, while most comprehensive and thorough, is actually just minimum building construction requirements. A stage lower would be building structure condemnation and not fit for habitation.

The Code has provisions for local building department optional enforcement. It is commonly known as the Seventh edition based on the international building code, BOCA, ICBO and various other codes plus the Commonwealths' drafting committee which added their information and resolved identified differences which was prior to publication.

What happens on Cape Cod, the Islands and Southeast Massachusetts in the current Commonwealth Code is that different towns and cities exercise another layer of regulation due to Velocity Zone regulations.

Enforcement by local building inspectors of the Velocity Zone regulations has ranged from "by the book" down to deferring and even waivers.

The majority of the above geographical areas are located in and around areas rated for winds ranging from 90 to 110 Mph winds which covers most land mass from waterfront to one nautical mile inland from the nearest coastal water.

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Please note the picture of a garage overhead door entrance framed
sheathing on a current project which was "by the book".

We can call this sheathing nailing galore!!
Almost beyond comprehension but it satisfies velocity
regulations and its certainly overbuilding too.

All framing completed.
Trim and windows installed and
now completing sidewall shingling.
We've completed our project. Owner designed landscape with landscaper.

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