Cataumet Renovation - 60 year old house

We started uncovering antiquated systems. Plumbing and electrical will invariably need upgrading due to deficiencies and to bring it up to current codes.

Substandard framing, more electrical problems and evidence of moisture and termites.

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  Fixing roof soffit and fascia leaks.  
  More repairs.  
Front upper was gutter built in and secured
to roof joists. Deterioration due to age and
placement of wooden gutters thatwere
framed into house cavity rather than on
gutter section placement on facias first
and then gutter attacted to facia like
common workmanship done today.
Between gutter rotting and adjacent roof
failure moisture was trapped within the
house cavities which in turn rotted
structural framing over time.
Lower roof corner area, where it has
totally rotted outside corner structure
and related framing. We continue
to explore the house front outside corner
structural areas and follow possible
damage signs.
Long view of previous photo.
    Renewal of chimney flashing,
chimney cricket and roof
underlayment areas.
Another view of new triple wall plate
and anchors.
Gable end framing for vault ceiling. New sills due to water and termite
damage, includes PT wood.
You can see rat termite shield
behind triple 2x4 PT which goes onto
and including the concrete floor.
New window. More termites?? Replacing rotted
sill under exterior door. All floors received a vapor barrier throughout
and full sheets of slab insulation which were through-screwed
with stainless steel to the sometimes moist original concrete slab.
The slab insulation was then covered by 2X4 sleepers and
sheathed on top by 3/4" wolmanized plywood. We then
installed pre-finished birch flooring, creating new bedrooms.
New slider. New installation. Raising floor to receive insulated
hardwood floors when finished.
    Older section of house - setting
heat pipes for two floors in
wall & ceiling cavities.

Preparing for total septic replacement classified for 5 bedrooms in Coastal Plain and Velocity Zone.
  Locating old piping and attaching
new parts.
Strapping prep on ceiling for
pending drywall.
Installation of HVAC - heating and
cooling - in attic areas in process.
Foam insulation for better R values
with limited space to comply
more easily with current ICC energy
code addressing renovations.
  More finish details, including
adding extensions to the vanity.

Finished bedroom with new floors.
Decorative shower inset perfect
for storing bottles & soap.

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