Period Windmill Rehabilitation

The owner of this windmill would like to give it a second life while adhering to all safety and building codes,
including the Department of Interior and Historic MA preservation guidelines. This is the second windmill project we have undertaken.
We thoroughly enjoy researching all project aspects prior to project start.

To start, we removed the badly deteriorated shaft, which had become a major safety issue.
This shaft will be replaced and the windmill fans restored and returned to the windmill.

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Before the shaft can be removed,
the fans must be taken off first.
The first fan arm is hoisted off.
The final fan arm is removed.
Followed by the windmill shaft
in its full length.

Older wooden poles that hold windmill
fan frames for rehab. Fan frames are
stored against the wall on the upper
right side of the picture.

Newer wooden pieces at pole ends were
repairs during prior years. All of these
situations were uncovered after scraping,
sanding and cleaning all pole sides.
We are removing all wood rot pole
sections after drying out for many
months and after neutralizing
with non-toxic solutions.

Marty is routing out rotted wood sections to make room for a new dutchman wood
scab for strengthening pole area sections and filling in where wood rot was removed.

The old fan poles were clear grade
old growth fir. since the windmill fans
and poles are Inactive, it is cost effective
to repair and restore them.

Area prepared awaiting new antique
wood - cyprus - dutchman

Applying marine epoxy base
coat on dutchman
Continuing prep and initial epoxy base coats
after non-toxic chemically treating wood rot.
"Dutchman" imbedded in epoxy under coats and final coatings. End "scabs" were
prior repairs done a number of years ago which we had to correct and redo.

Windmill fins covered with mildew. To be
treated and prepared, primed and
finished later after adequate drying time.
Mast poles with completed repairs,
epoxy and full priming coats.

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